Radio Programmes for Small Businesses. Using Media for Local Economic Development in Ghana, GIZ, 2012

    Ghana’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) and the German Development Cooperation are supporting the development of light industrial zones in fifteen district capitals in Ghana through the Programme for Sustainable Economic Development (PSED). To support the development process of these industrial zones, GIZ Ghana has initiated the use of radio programmes targeting businesses, local authorities, and the public more generally. PSED supported radio stations with training, production costs and technical equipment, but did not buy airtime. The broadcasting stations had ownership of the programmes.

    This publication has four main purposes. First, it informs local authorities and business associations in Ghana about the benefits of setting up industrial zones in their localities. Second, decision makers will learn about what has been achieved so far through the support to industrial areas in various regions of Ghana. Third, the document aims to share experiences on how to use radio programmes for economic development initiatives such as industrial zones at the local level. It also targets local media, especially radio, and demonstrates what they can do to create interesting programmes for small businesses and to support local economic development at the same time. It also seeks to contribute to a wider knowledge sharing on how to use media for public private dialogue.

    Summary of results
    So far, five radio stations in the Brong Ahafo and Ashanti regions have broadcast these programmes with some positive results. The programmes created wide public debates on the industrial zones as well as on other economic issues, and sped up the relocation of artisans from the town centres to the new sites. They successfully marketed the businesses on the new sites and enhanced the dialogue among businesses and local authorities. In some cases they got a slow administration to act, in others they were used by the local authorities to inform the public about their activities. Since the programmes generally attracted a large listenership, they also boosted the profile of the participating radio stations.

    A French summary of the document, produced by GRET, can be found below.

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