Impact Assessment

USAID Private Sector Development Impact Assessment Initiative, 2007-

    The PSD Impact Assessment Initiative aims to create learning about and improve the effectiveness of new generation economic growth programs through impact assessments, and to identify specific impacts that private sector development (PSD) interventions have on the private sector and pro-poor growth.

    This Initiative's vision is that private sector development can and must contribute to economic growth and wealth creation in poor communities. This is accomplished through facilitation of medium-and-small enterprise (MSE) linkages to more lucrative and rapidly growing markets and through provision of an array of supporting services, including business development services (BDS), financial services, input supply, value chain development, and policy advocacy to improve the business climate. The contribution of supporting services in this context is to improve MSEs' capacity to respond to market conditions and to create and take advantage of market opportunities.

    The PSD Impact Assessment Initiative is accomplishing its objectives through a four-pronged strategy:
    - Build a conceptual model that improves understanding of the impacts of PSD programs.
    - Develop and test rigorous methodologies for measuring the impact of PSD programs.
    - Produce insights about the most effective types of PSD interventions and how they work through implementation of high quality impact assessments and desk research.
    - Provide USAID Bureaus and Missions with realistic options for assessing the impact of PSD programs and supply methodological and other guidance on how to conduct credible impact assessments.

    On the right hand side are the
    -PSD Impact Assessment Initiative Overview
    - A presentation by Gary Woller, Project Manager for the Initiative on "Sound Principles for the Cost-Effective Integration of Impact Assessment into Program Performance Monitoring" which summarizes some key findings and resources through September, 2007.

    See also the associated entry on the USAID Impact Assessment Primer Series.

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    Impact Assessment
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