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DAI pesa - Tanzanian Rice Sub-sector Study, 2003

    This study was conducted by Ebony Consulting International for the benefit of the DAI Private Enterprise Support Activities (PESA) project supported by USAID in Tanzania, which aims to promote the development of micro and small enterprise activity in a number of sub-sectors in six of Tanzania’s 21 regions. The study suggests where DAI/PESA can best apply resources to enhance the growth potential of the rice sub-sector and facilitate the development of private sector solutions. Specifically, the study examines production patterns, markets, the supply chain, the institutional and regulatory framework, sub-sector dynamics, and constraints and opportunities. It concludes by recommending five main areas of concentration for the DAI/PESA project as it relates to the rice sub-sector.

    Methods for info gathering
    The rice sub-sector study team interviewed stakeholders in the capital and three regions of Tanzania, and visited main rice production areas.

    Summary of results
    The study identified five major opportunities for DAI/PESA in the rice sub-sector. First, activities should focus on under-utilized irrigated areas. Second, the project should remain close to the privatization process of the National Agricultural and Food Cooperation (NAFCO) and help farmers take advantage of associated opportunities. Third, the project should focus on improving communication between main markets in the capital and rural rice-growing areas. Fourth, the project should further study transport as it relates to marketing efficiency. Fifth, the project should liaise with financial institutions and encourage the development of new financial products.

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