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Capacitating Sector Analysis: A training manual to analyse value chains, Posthumus, 2004

    Capacitating Sector Analysis, CAPSA, combines capacity building and sub-sector analyses to train participants in the general aspects of small enterprise development and provide them with a methodology and instruments to use in conducting a sub-sector analysis - two different, yet complementary objectives. CAPSA trains and guides people with limited experience to undertake SSAs, greatly improving their ownership of both the analysis and the resulting program. CAPSA helps avoid the possible loss of information and continuity that might occur when outside experts analyze a sub-sector and it assists participants in designing appropriate interventions that improve the functioning of the actors within a sub-sector.

    CAPSA can contribute to a thorough analysis and assist in the design or improvement of existing interventions. It can also help to strategically re-orient an organization toward other sub-sectors. CAPSA does not cover economic mapping to select sub-sectors, but does examine the reasoning behind and criteria for selection.

    Summary of results
    The manual uses case studies, self-learning, and group work for both classroom and field exercises and covers entrepreneurial and business principles, interview techniques, source identification, SWOT and profit margin analysis, and organizational landscaping. The final section guides participants in the design process using scenarios and other selection instruments to identify and design an appropriate intervention strategy. The logical framework approach helps them design a concrete intervention proposal.

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