Impact Assessment

ILO Radio Programmes in Ghana, 2002

    The ILO conducted an action research study on SE listeners of M'adwumayi, a radio programme aimed at small businesses in Ghana, started with technical support from the ILO (FIT/SEMA). The objectives of the study were to:
    - develop a fuller understanding of the ways in which the radio programme may be leading to changes in business performance, and
    - evaluate the extent of the various types of impact on small business performance which the radio programs may be making.

    The researchers conducted initial and follow-up dialogue sessions with 35 listeners in three inquiry groups.

    Methods for info gathering
    In-depth interviews

    Summary of results
    The study indicated that there is a causal link between listening to M'adwumayi and improved business performance. The causal link is subtle and indirect with listeners experiencing a two-stage process over time. The first stage is changes in business practices implemented by listeners inspired and informed by the radio programme. In the second stage, these better business practices may, but do not necessarily, positively influence financial bottom line business performance.

    The ILO used the study results as well as their experiences with SE radio programmes in other countries to outline 4 possible casual chains leading from the various topics that the radio programmes cover to increased household incomes for the poor and increased employment within the MSE sector.

    Two chains lead from content focusing on policy legislation and public sector investment. This radio content leads to positive changes in policies either by directly influencing policy makers or by empowering MSEs to advocate for changes and resist corruption. Better policies improve the SE operating environment, leading to better business performance and ultimately to increased incomes and employment.

    One chain leads from business information provided over the radio, to MSEs taking advantage of business opportunities, to better business performance, and ultimately to increased household incomes and employment.

    The last chain leads from business advice and tips provided over the radio which helps and empowers SEs to improve their management practices, leading to better business performance and ultimately, the same goal - increased incomes and employment.

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