Programme Design

Strengthening micro-enterprises in value chains - A guide for companies, CARE 2016

    This guide is intended for large companies, and their development partners, to enable them to help micro-enterprises in their value chains to thrive, with a view to unlocking greater commercial and social value for all.

    The guide aims to:
    - Demonstrate how collaborative action to strengthen micro-enterprises in value chains can achieve improved business performance and positive social impact
    - Share practical examples of how companies are achieving this
    - Inform company strategy, policies and initiatives related to micro-enterprises in their value chains
    - Support advocacy efforts to encourage more collaborative approaches to micro-enterprise development

    The production of this guide was sponsored by SABMiller, the Harvard Kennedy School, CARE International UK, Business Fights Poverty.

    Summary of results
    Rather than offering a universal prescription, this guide aims to provide a way of thinking and an approach that can be applied across contexts. It concludes that to effectively address micro-enterprise needs and unlock the business and social benefits, all those with a stake in the success of micro-enterprises need to move towards a more collaborative approach. It therefore argues that companies and other stakeholders need to move towards a more holistic form of collaboration with the aim of strengthening the broader “market system” in which their value chains and micro-enterprises operate.