Impact Assessment

Evaluation of water-to-market training in Armenia, Mathematica Policy Research, 2012

    The aim of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Compact with Armenia (―the Compact‖), a five-year agreement signed in March 2006, was to increase household income and reduce poverty in rural Armenia through improved performance of the country’s agricultural sector. The Compact, managed by the Millennium Challenge Account with Armenia (MCA-Armenia), was originally designed to include two projects: (1) the Rehabilitation of Rural Roads Project and (2) the Irrigated Agriculture Project. The Irrigated Agriculture Project comprised two complementary activities, the Infrastructure Activity through which irrigation infrastructure would be rehabilitated, and the Water-to-Market Activity (hereafter WtM), which would provide training, technical assistance, and access to credit for farms and agribusiness. WtM was intended to help farmers harness the improvements in irrigation to introduce new technologies and shift to production of high-value agricultural crops, both of which would increase their annual income.

    This report focuses on the evaluation of the largest component of WtM, which includes training in On-Farm Water Management (OFWM) and High-Value Agriculture (HVA)