Market Assessment

Market analysis of the wood Industry in Pcinja and Jablanica Districts, Serbia, 2010

    The Project ‘Private Sector Development in South Serbia’ (2010-14) aims to contribute to a decrease in unemployment and poverty, an increase in income, and improvements in general quality of life through stimulating systemic changes in major sectors. It is sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation and implemented by the Regional Development Agency VEEDA, and covers five municipalities in the Pcinja and Jablanica Districts of Serbia. The inception phase was dedicated to the analysis and design of interventions in three selected sectors: wood processing, forest plants and tourism.

    The attached report presents findings of an analysis of the wood processing sector. It outlines:
    • Information about the project, its methodology, and reasons for choosing the wood processing sector
    • The end markets for the wood processing industry, trends and requirements
    • The structure and performance of the industry, and key challenges it faces
    • Underlying causes of poor performance
    • The overall vision and logic for development interventions in the wood industry, and specific intervention strategies to counter underlying systemic constraints
    • Next steps for the project.