Impact Assessment

Final Performance Evaluation of Cambodia MSME II/BEE Project, USAID, 2012

    This is a report on the Final Performance Evaluation of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise /Business Enabling Environment (MSME 2/BEE) project funded by USAID Mission in Cambodia. The project, implemented by DAI/Nathan Group, commenced in October 2008 and ended in September 2012, and was dedicated to help MSMEs in rural areas increase their productivity and enhance the business enabling environment through the implementation of three components:

    - Strengthening selected value chains
    - Increasing and improving the voice of the private sector
    - Strengthening public institutions to enable business- enabling environment reforms

    Summary of results
    The work in value chains has had the clearest and most immediate impact in terms of improving quality of lives through increased productivity and incomes, as well as developing long-term skills among clients. The evaluation team found increases in productivity, sales volumes and incomes for most assisted enterprises over the course of MSME project. In addition, project participants interviewed acknowledged the beneficial impact of MSME activities on their businesses.

    The results of the advocacy/increasing the public voice component are impressive but there are significant questions regarding their sustainability.

    Impacts from strengthening public institutions cannot currently be fully assessed as the major pieces of legislation in which the project invested time and resources have not yet been adopted; however, they remain under consideration and may eventually be adopted in the forms supported by the project.

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