Market Assessment

Study of the Lacquer Ware Value Chain, Viet Nam, ITC, 2010

    This value chain study was prepared by the International Trade Centre (ITC) for the programme ‘Green Production and Trade to Increase Income and Employment Opportunities for the Rural Poor’.

    The study starts with an introduction to the provinces where the programme intervenes, the programme's target beneficiaries and the macro-economic context behind the local lacquer ware value chain. The main section then analyses in detail the lacquer ware value chain. This section includes an overview of the lacquer ware production process, value chain maps, information on associated environmental and social concerns, and a description of the institutions which play a supporting role in the market.

    The final sections of the study present a strategy for value chain upgrading. They identify market opportunities in the district under review, and list a series of facilitation activities which the programme may wish to undertake.

    The website for the programme can be found here: