Synthesis Documents

Youth Employment Inventory, 2011

    Recently re-launched, the Youth Employment Inventory holds concise information on the design, implementation and results of more than 400 interventions in over 90 countries. Most of the cases are about education and training for young entrepreneurs or young workers. There are also cases centred on business incubation, market information services, microfinance and business environment reform, however.

    The website has a useful browse function. This allows visitors to limit their search to a particular region, type of intervention, type of funding (e.g. NGO-funded), type of beneficiary, or a combination of these. You can also filter search results by whether or not they include an impaction evaluation and/or cost-benefit analysis, and whether or not the intervention is judged to have had a negative, neutral or positive effect on labour markets.

    The Youth Employment Inventory also has a page listing upcoming events related to Youth Employment promotion.

    The website's organisers are keen for new additions to the database. If you would like to share details about a youth employment programme, click here and create an account.