Market Assessment

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Worldwide, 2011

    Description is a web-based platform which provides some information on the human and financial resources of agricultural extension and advisory systems worldwide, as well as other important information on:
    • the primary extension service providers in each country (e.g. public, private and/or non-governmental);
    • which types and groups of farmers are the primary target groups (e.g. large, medium, and/or small-scale farmers, including rural women) for each extension organization;
    • how each organization’s resources are allocated to key extension and advisory service functions;
    • each organization’s information and communication technology resources and capacity; and
    • what role, if any, different categories of farmers play in setting extension’s priorities and/or assessing performance.
    The website is described as 'a work in progress' by its creators. At the time of writing, only a minority of the country pages (e.g. India and South Africa) contain information about private extension providers. Many of the pages do however link to papers and presentations which review private providers of extension services. Overall, the focus is currently on government provision of extension services. The authors are keen to expand the information on private providers of extension services, however - please email Andrea Bohn with your suggestions.