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An Enterprise Map of Ethiopia, John Sutton and Nebil Kellow, International Growth Centre, 2010

    This book describes the activities, recent history and current capabilities of Ethiopia’s leading agribusiness, manufacturing and construction companies. The focus is on large and mid-size firms. The authors, John Sutton of the London School of Economics and Nebil Kellow of Addis Ababa-based First Consult, find that surprisingly few of these companies have their roots in the ‘small firm’ sector. Instead, 24 of Ethiopia’s leading 50 industrial firms have their origins in trading companies, while 9 have their origins in public sector enterprises and 11 can be traced to a foreign firm setting up a business in Ethiopia. Part of the first chapter discusses why this is the case.

    The second chapter profiles widely diversified firms in Ethiopia, outlining the activities of their various subsidiaries. Chapter 3 profiles some of Ethiopia’s major coffee processors and exporters. Chapter 4 starts with an overview of the oilseed and pulse value chain, and then examines major firms in this sector. Chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 follow a similar pattern, focusing on Ethiopia’s floriculture, food processing, sugar and leather industries, respectively. Meanwhile, chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 focus on textiles and garments, cotton, construction, and cement, respectively. Chapter 13 examines the steel, engineering and assembly sectors, and major firms within them. Chapter 14 profiles the pharmaceutical industry, while Chapter 15 looks at the plastics and rubber sector. The final chapter profiles Ethiopia’s glass industry. Most chapters include value chain maps.

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