Impact Assessment

Staff Guidelines for Conducting Impact Assessment, Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness, 2008

    These impact assessment guidelines from the Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness (TG-PEC), intended for Project, Sector and Intervention Managers, are designed to be consistent with the DCED Standard (although please note that the Standard has evolved somewhat since that time). The guidelines aim to help staff to design effective interventions, and to help them to document this impact in a consistent and credible way.

    The introduction outlines the purpose of TG-PEC’s impact assessment. Sections two, three and four outline the programme’s general logic and how the programme defines impact. The difference between interventions and tasks is also explained. Section five explains how TG-PEC uses Goal Level Indicators, while section six advises how to define and measure indicators of change in component, service market and framework conditions. Section seven deals with projections of expected impact. Section eight defines in more detail the four types of intervention that the programme undertakes.

    Section nine gives an overview of TG-PEC's impact assessment methodology. Section ten specifies what type of measurement should be carried out for each type of intervention, both at the pilot and then at the scale-up stage. The final section add the following details for each type of intervention: what needs to be known and how to define it using indicators; who to interview; when to interview; the interview format and; the data presentation format. There are two annexes: a Glossary of Terms and an explanation of the indicators the programme used in its first phase.

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