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Private Sector Development in Post-Conflict Countries: A Review of Current Literature and Practice, DCED 2009

    What distinguishes post-conflict PSD from PSD in other situations? How is PSD best carried out in conflict-affected environments? The Review seeks to answer these questions. It also offers practical advice for making PSD interventions sensitive and responsive to conflict, for example through the use of conflict assessment tools and by engaging with a wider range of stakeholders. An additional section considers how results measurement might be adjusted to fit the needs of post-conflict PSD programmes.

    Executive Summary
    Chapter 1: Post-Conflict PSD: Introducing the Key Issues
    Chapter 2: Understanding the Post-Conflict Situation: Mapping Out the Physical and Theoretical Terrain
    Chapter 3: Post-Conflict Cooperation: Partners, Stakeholders and Post-Conflict Actors
    Chapter 4: Economy and Enterprise: Conflicting Theories of Private Sector Development?
    Chapter 5: Assessing the Impact of Programming: How's My Driving?
    Chapter 6: Conclusions and Future Directions

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    Synthesis Documents
    »Private Sector Development in Post Conflict and Peace Building Situations - Some Key Links and Documents (2008)