Market Assessment

Investment Opportunities in the Dairy Sub-Sector of Rwanda, SNV, 2008

    While this report is on the hand about investment opportunities in Rwanda's dairy sector, the detailed market analysis should be of interest to practitioners looking at all varieties of interventions in this value chain.

    Following a brief introduction, Section Two of the report outlines the Rwandan livestock sector. In this Section, the different livestock production systems, as well as the various external factors that affect production, are examined. Sections Three lists the Rwandan Government's policies and interventions in the dairy sector, while Section Four examines relevant laws and regulations. Section Five looks at the National Dairy Strategy and opportunities that would arise from the removal of constraints to growth. Section Six explores employment and investment opportunities in the sector, while Seven analyses production and price trends. The concluding sections include information on business service markets in the dairy sector and a SWOT analysis of the sub-sector as a whole.

    Summary of results
    The report identifies opportunities for investment at each stage along the value chain:

    • In farm inputs: veterinary services, milk handling equipment, hygiene materials and feed.

    • In transport to collection centres: bicycles, milk testing tools, cans, protective ware, and scales.

    • At collection centres: cooling tanks, cans, cleaning materials, water supply, accounting software, microcredit, feeds, AI services, training materials and services, milk transport and quality control tools.

    • In transport from collection centres: milk transport trucks, quality control tools, chemicals and microcredit.

    • In processing: investment in packaging materials, hygiene materials, lab equipment, scales, cooling equipment , cooling tanks, protective gear, spare parts, accounting software, training and milk transport.

    • In retail: milk kiosks and bars, cooling facilities, crates and appropriate packaging.