Market Assessment

Analysis of fish, honey, coffee, wheat and qat value chains, Yemen 2009

    The World Bank Agricultural and Rural Development Team as part of its ongoing work on, agricultural development in Yemen - Pathways out of rural poverty study - have commissioned this study to assist the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) of Yemen to assess the efficiency and competitiveness of the selected value chains. The study was conducted by the Small Micro Enterprise Promotion Service (SMEPS) from Yemen in cooperation with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) from the Netherlands.

    Methods for info gathering
    The research was conducted from November 2008 to June 2009. It proceeded as follows:
    1. Desk research: the consultants collected and studied existing literature and policy documents on the five value chains
    2. Methodology design: the consultants designed tailor-made templates for data collection in the field. The templates covered (a) sub-sector statistics, (b) mapping of the value chain; (c) profiling of chain actors and chain relations; (d)prices, margins and value shares in the chain; (e) quality management and consumer focus.
    3. Methodology validation: the consultants interviewed chain actors and key informants to test and refine the data templates.
    4. Fieldwork: the consultants interviewed 23 key informants and 144 actors from the value chains.
    5. Tabulation and analysis: the consultants analyzed the collected data and entered the data into the templates.
    6. Stakeholder workshops: the consultants presented the research findings in a series of five workshops with local stakeholders. Each workshop was attended by 10 to 15 representatives from the value chain (farmers, traders, exporters), government agencies (Ministries, research agencies), and branch organizations (exporters, farmers).
    7. Reporting: the consultants drafted the report with key findings from the research and the workshops. The consultants introduce short cases studies from value chain representatives (farmers, traders, exporters) in to the main body of the report.
    8. Policy workshop: the consultants presented and discussed the research outcomes and policy recommendation in a workshop with MOPIC and the World Bank.

    Summary of results
    For detailed findings, please download the full report from the link on the right hand side.