Impact Assessment

Business Training for Entrepreneurs in Vietnam: An Evaluation of the Sida-supported Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) project, 2006

    The SIYB project was a collaboration between the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in the area of business management training to small businesses in Vietnam. It began in 1998.

    The project consists of training programs in business start-up and business management skills for micro and small-scale business owners in basic business management. This evaluation was carried out in October 2006 by a team of two experts.

    The project itself ended in 2007, with the expectation that it become part of the normal activities of the Deparment of SME Development at VCCI. Over time, the project transformed from the so-called agency (ILO) project execution modality to national (VCCI) execution (NEX), an example of the recent tendency in development cooperation with true respect to ownership and increased aid effectiveness in a more sustainable manner.

    Summary of results
    All the quantitative targets at output level specified in the project document have been achieved by the project. The number of partner organizations recruited, the number of trainers and facilitators trained, the number of courses held, the number of trainees participating, have all reached or superseded the set targets. In addition, SIYB has raised the profile of business development services (BDS) in Vietnam.

    One measure of of a project's sustainability is its ability to recover project costs. At the time of writing, the partner organisations contracted by VCCI had not acheived this. According to the Sida Evaluation, this was due to the undeverdevelopment of the market for BDS in Vietnam.

    The SIYB training programme appears to have had positive impacts on the businesses of the trainees. Although an increase in the firms' profits or revenues could not always be recorded, in all cases the training either led to constructive improvements in management or in the ability to analyze the market, or it had positively impacted on the confidence and business outlook of the trainees.