Impact Assessment

Promoting the Cashew Nut Value Chain in Indonesia, Swisscontact, 2009

    This case study evaluates the pilot phase of Swisscontact's work to support the cashew nut farmers of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, in improving their incomes.

    Swisscontact's market assessment identified organic certification as a cost-effective means of increasing the value added by local farmers, and thus improving farmers' incomes. In addition, farmers have been given access to advice on better farm management and Swisscontact has supported the development of localised processing facilities.

    The case study outlines how organic certification was obtained through farmers' associations, handing ownership of the process to the cashew nut producers themselves, breaking their cycle of poverty and dependency by empowering them to trade with competing middlemen in a more lucrative market than that offered by the conventional cashew supply chain.

    The study also highlights several of the challenges that Swisscontact has faced in the initial phase of the project, such as having to strengthen and dynamise the farmers' associations to make them fit for their new purpose, as well as deciding who covers the cost of organic certification.

    The report records the increase in income among the farmers reached through its various interventions.