Adding Value and Reducing Emissions in Coconut Farming, 2007

    Coco Technologies (CocoTech) is a privately-held enterprise in the Philippines that produces geo-textiles from waste coconut husks. It pioneered the application of bioengineering using cocofiber nets (coconets) in slope protection, river and shoreline rehabilitation and erosion control in the Philippines and other countries in Asia and Europe. CocoTech grew from a small community-based project with an initial capitalization of about US$7,000 and five employees in 1993 into a medium-sized enterprise of 25 employees with revenues exceeding US$300,000 in 2006 and more than 6,000 families involved in the manufacture of CocoTech products. This case examines the special challenges and opportunities of small-scale value-adding and the innovative approaches adopted to ensure the sustainability of a nascent technology that provides rural employment, protects the environment and helped revive an ailing coconut industry.