Impact Assessment

Seaweed Farming In Indonesia, IFC, 2006

    Seaweed is a major source of income for tens of thousands of small Indonesian farmers, as well as collectors, traders, exporters, and producers. In 2004, IFC's Program for Eastern Indonesia Small and Medium Enterprise Assistance (PENSA) recognized the growing economic opportunities around the 100 million dollar Indonesian market for seaweed, and that Indonesia had no effective advisory services program for seaweed farmers, and launched SEAplant, which provided a spectrum of services including training on various aspects of the seaweed process including planting, harvesting and post-harvest handling; market information; established new and higher-priced sales channels, and encouraged the development of farmer cooperatives and local value-added seaweed-processing facilities. In 2005 and 2006, two different independent project evaluations were conducted. The valuable lessons learned at the early stages of the program are broadly relevant to private-sector development programs in agribusiness and beyond.