Market Assessment

Assessment of the Kosovo Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector, USAID, 2007

    Authored by: Judy Payne, e-Business Advisor, USAID/EGAT/I&E/ICT Mike Ducker, Market Development Specialist, J.E. Austin & Associates Dardane Peja, Development Program Specialist, USAID/Kosovo

    This document summarizes the results of a quick assessment of the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector in Kosovo conducted at the request of USAID/Kosovo. The purpose of the assessment was to assess opportunities for USAID to support the ICT sector in Kosovo.

    The assessment was conducted in Kosovo from 20 September through 1 October 2007 with preparation beforehand. The assessment was led by Judy Payne, e-Business Advisor, USAID/EGAT/I&E/ICT, with two additional team members: Mike Ducker, Market Development Specialist, J.E. Austin Associates, and Dardane Peja, Development Program Specialist, USAID/Kosovo. Mike Ducker participated in the team as a member of the USAID Business Growth Initiative (BGI) Project.

    This report is organized as follows: purpose and objectives; background; a few caveats; description of the approach taken; a summary of activities; a profile of the sector today and estimates of usage and pricing of telecommunications services today; a summary of our analysis and recommendations. This report does not include specific programmatic recommendations. These were provided by Judy Payne to USAID/Kosovo after this assessment was concluded.