Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment on the Enterprise Culture Component, ILO Sri Lanka, 2008

    The Enterprise for Pro-poor Growth project supports the Government of Sri Lanka's strategy for poverty reduction and generation of quality employment for women and men through an integrated micro and small enterprise development programme. It targets four districts with a high incidence of poverty, Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Puttalam. The project also addresses enterprise-related issues at the national level that will enhance impact in the provinces and transfers lessons learnt to the national policy level.

    Under the enterprise culture component of the project, an in-depth assessment of values, norms and attitudes in relation to business was carried out in all four districts at inception. The results of this socio-cultural assessment were used in the design of the social marketing campaign based on the "forum theatre" concept and in supporting the revision of secondary school curricula in collaboration with the National Institute of Education in Sri Lank.

    The overall objective of the impact assessment on enterprise culture was to find out qualitatively whether the Enter-Growth project has been able to change norms, values and attitudes towards enterprise in the four districts that it was implemented. For practical reasons, the assessment was confined to two districts, Polonnaruwa and Puttalam. It has to be kept in mind at the outset that changing cultural norms and values, which attitudes and behaviour are based on, is a long-term process and what can be assessed qualitatively, immediately at project completion will be somewhat limited. The main focus of the assessment was on these specific objectives:

    - Assess the impact of the social marketing campaign (Palama theatre performances) and the Entrepreneurial Studies course on the norms, values and attitudes of the target population and those who affect their decision-making as they relate to enterprise.
    - Identify cases where enterprises have been started (behavioural change) or improved as a result of Palama, as qualitative evidence that such impact is being achieved.

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