Market Assessment

Baseline livestock survey, Commark South Africa, 2008

    This baseline survey was motivated by a three-year joint venture entered between WBHO Ltd and ComMark to expand the current Eastern Cape Red Meat project to the area of Alfred Nzo district municipality, where WBHO is constructing a road between Mt Frere and Matatiele. The aim of the survey is to provide an empirical foundation for ComMark to make strategic decisions around the allocation of project resources and the design of project components.

    The report has focused on the following issues:

    - An assessment of the status quo: Current agricultural activity and infrastructure, existing livestock improvement programmes running in the area, etc. It is vital for us to have a good and detailed understanding of the current position before we begin to conceptualise and implement interventions.

    - A profile of the target farmers (programme beneficiaries), including an investigation of issues such as their reasons for holding cattle, their access to markets, use of animal health products and services, etc. Once again, it is important for us to ensure that we develop programmes that reflect the aspirations and capacity of the beneficiary community

    Associated Activities and Documents
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    Final Documentation
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