Market Assessment

Analysis of the Dak Lak Avacado Chain, Vietnam, 2006

    This study was carried out within the framework of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Programme of GTZ and the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The focus of the SME programme is on improving the business environment for private sector development and to enhance the market position of SMEs in selected sectors, specifically in provinces outside the major growth centres (GTZ, 2005).

    The SME program in Dak Lak is directed by the Local Economic Development committee of Dak Lak, which represents all major Vietnamese government stakeholders. Based on an earlier commission fruit and vegetables sector study in Dak Lak, GTZ and the LED selected avocado as a product with
    - A lot of market potential
    - A potentially attractive crop to stimulate rural development in Dak Lak and to diversify coffee dominated agricultural sector in Dak Lak
    - Potential for reducing qualitative malnutrition in Vietnam

    GTZ-Vietnam requested Fresh Studio Innovations Asia to:
    -Train and Coach the local partners in Dak Lak in conducting an avocado value chain analysis
    -Implement an avocado chain analysis
    -Organise and action plan development workshop to help the Dak Lak avocado sector to strengthen its competitiveness.

    The result of this work should assist GTZ and the LED to use the exercise's outcome to develop an action plan to help the Dak Lak avocado sector strengthen its competitiveness.