M4P Programme Summary, Bolivia, 2002-6

    The Bolivian MMW4P programme is a four-year programme to which DFID is contributing £1.5 million. Phases 1 and 2 of the programme focused on creating the conditions for developing an enabling environment and facilitating the participation of small economic producers in the formal economy. One of the overarching objectives of the programme has been to support and give voice to civil society productive organisations to influence public policy on issues of market access. The current phase, which ends in October 2006, aims to:

    - Support the Government of Bolivia to consolidate the Bolivian Productivity & Competitiveness System (BPCS)
    - Support Comité de Enlace, a representative apex organisation of small producers, to sustain the gains at the institutional and enabling environment levels and to influence political processes
    - Operate, through specific business activities (private-private relationships), economic policies introduced by BPCS and Comité de Enlace
    - Engage and influence the IFIs (especially the IADB) on productivity and competitiveness issues at local, regional and the global level.

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