Synthesis Documents

A Synthesis of the Making Markets Work for the Poor Approach (SDC/DFID 2008)

    This set documents on the M4P approach were commissioned by DFID UK and the Swiss SDC. They aim to consolidate existing implementation experience and improve the understanding and uptake of market development approaches. The documents have been put together by a team comprising a broad cross section of academics, project staff, government employees and consultants, The editorial process was led by the Springfield Centre. The three documents cover different dimensions of M4P and are aimed at agency and government officials, consultants, researchers and practitioners.

    The first of these documents, the M4P Synthesis Paper explains the essence of the M4P approach - its rationale, including evidence of impact, and key features in implementation.

    The second - M4P Perspectives- introduces the conceptual underpinnings of M4P and explores its application in different markets including finance, agriculture, water, labour, land, and climate change.

    The third - the M4P Operational Guide- provides a substantial operational resource on how to implement M4P, including an overview of good practices, common management challenges and the main lessons from experience.

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    Synthesis Documents
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