Programme Design

Supply Chain Development in Cordoba, Argentina, IADB 2003

    The overall objective of this program is to help increase competitiveness among the MSMEs in the province of Cordoba in Argentina. The program will support business clusters in the sectors of information and communication technology, furniture and other wood products, and regional products (agricultural and organic).

    The program beneficiaries will be the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) producing goods and services in selected production sectors and universities, service providers and local public and private research centers and institutions.

    The program will be implemented by the City of Cordoba Economic Development Agency (Agencia de Desarrollo Económico de la Ciudad de Córdoba) (ADEC), in cooperation with the Cordoba Science Agency (CSA) and the Cordoba Chamber of Commerce for Foreign Trade (Cámara de Comercio Exterior de Córdoba) (CACEC).

    The program is comprised of four components: (i) strengthening cooperation between businesses and institutions; (ii) improving access to technology for production and organization; (iii) improving access to markets; and (iv) disseminating the program. The outputs of the first component, which basically consists of strengthening cooperation between the enterprises and institutions in each cluster and planning common objectives and activities, will lay the foundation for implementation of the remaining program activities.