Impact Assessment

From Behind the Veil - Impact Assessment, MEDA, ECDI Pakistan 2007

    This program aims to develop the embroidered garment subsector in Pakistan in which large numbers of low-income, isolated women microentrepreneurs work. Building on an existing business model, the program is developing a network of women intermediaries that link women embroiderers to markets and provide an embedded package of services that help them meet the demand from contemporary markets. The program also links the intermediaries to design services and to urban garment makers who use the embroidered fabric in modern apparel.

    The program will end in 2007. To consolidate results and assess value chain sustainability and expansion, MEDA and ECDI undertook an internal impact analysis in May 2007. The internal MEDA report generated from this analysis is available on the right. It details quantitative and qualitative impact at the levels of the target women microentrepreneurs, other value chain players, the embroidered garment value chain system as a whole, the enabling environment and socio-cultural impact. The report also discusses challenges in the impact assessment process and makes recommendations for further information gathering and analysis.

    Summary of results
    As of May 2007, a conservative estimation of the program reach was 9,330 rural women embroiderers, as well as 464 other enterprises in the value chain. For over 6,000 of the women embroiderers who were regularly involved in the value chain, incomes had more than tripled on average. The impact analysis also found significant indications of change at the level of the value chain in terms of increased sales and additional businesses copying the successes of those directly involved in the program and at the level of socio-cultural indicators such as women's increased contributions to household decision making, increased self confidence and increased mobility. The impact analysis includes a wide variety of cases of individual women embroiderers and other value chain players.

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