Philippines Banana AgriChain Competitiveness Enhancement (B-ACE), SDCAsia 2007-09

    The goal of the Banana Agrichain Competitiveness Enhancement (B-ACE) program is to enhance the competitiveness of the processed cardava/banana chips industry while promoting broad-based growth that involves and benefits the majority in a sustained way. The B-ACE program aims to increase incomes by an average of 30% within a period of three years. The benefits to the majority will derive from greater integration into value chains resulting in higher and more stable income, improved capabilities to get a higher share of the margin, and diversification of options.

    The first progress report for the project covering Jan-June 07 is available on the right hand side. More reports will be posted as they become available.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Market Assessment
    »Philippines Processed Banana Value Chain Analysis, SDCAsia 2006
    Programme Design
    »Philippines Banana AgriChain Competitiveness Enhancement (B-ACE) Design, SDCAsia 2007