Impact Assessment

Common Monitoring System for Proyectos de Integracion Productiva, IADB 2005 English/Spanish

    Funded by the Inter-American Bank (IDB), 'Proyectos de Integracion Productiva'(PIPs) aim to improve the competitiveness of small enterprises in Latin America. These projects are based on the premise that small enterprises can lower transaction costs and benefit from economies of scale by working collectively with other enterprises. The target population of PIPs is micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that belong to industrial clusters selected by Executing Agencies because of their potential to contribute to regional economic development.

    Project Directors, funding agencies and other stakeholders are interested in learning more about the experience of these projects and improving their performance over time. This requires a rigorous monitoring and evaluation system. To this end, Nexus Associates was retained to develop a common monitoring system based on a common set of indicators, data collection procedures, and an internet-based application to capture and report results. The system will enable Project Directors and IDB managers to monitor the performance of projects and identify potential areas for improvement.

    This manual was formulated based on an extensive review of project documents, discussions with project staff, and the experience of the team in similar consulting assignments. The manual is divided into seven sections. Following this introduction, Section 2 presents a program logic model for PIPs. Section 3 provides definitions for key elements of the model and Section 4 presents a typology that can be used to classify PIP activities. Section 5 includes the process and outcome indicators that should be used by all Executing Agencies using the agreed definitions and typologies. Section 6 outlines the data collection procedures and includes a set of templates that Executing Agencies should use to collect data needed to calculate the agreed indicators. The final section, Section 7, provides an overview of the website that will be developed to capture and report results from each of the Executing Agencies.