Programme Design

Philippines Banana AgriChain Competitiveness Enhancement (B-ACE) Design, SDCAsia 2007

    Banana is among the most important fruit crops in Mindanao, and in the Philippines, as a whole, in terms of volume of production and export earnings. 75% of the production of banana comes from Mindanao with about 41% grown in Southern Mindanao. 90% of the banana areas are small family farms where native banana varieties such as the Cardava are cultivated together with other staples and cash crops.

    The goal of the program is to enhance the competitiveness of the processed cardava/banana chips industry while promoting broad-based growth that involves and benefits the poor in a sustained way. The B-ACE program takes on a threefold challenge: a) improving the competitiveness of the processed cardava/banana chips in global and local markets: b) promoting the gainful and sustainable participation of micro enterprises and smallholders in the value chain (depth of benefits); and c)increasing the participation (number) of micro enterprises and growers in the value chain.

    The document to the right describes the cardava/banana chip subsector in detail, summarizes the program design and provides details of year 1 activities.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Market Assessment
    »Philippines Processed Banana Value Chain Analysis, SDCAsia 2006
    »Philippines Banana AgriChain Competitiveness Enhancement (B-ACE), SDCAsia 2007-09