Programme Design

The Prosperity Initiative (design), 2007-

    A regional feasibility analysis of the bamboo sector, linked to a number of local supply chain pilots in Vietnam and Laos, has demonstrated the potential for scaled poverty impacts in the region over the coming decade. Some of the preparatory research was presented at the Annual Seminar in Chiang Mai in 2006, and at the SDC Seminar in January 2007. Documents describing both the regional bamboo sector development programme, and the market portfolio programme, are included on the right hand side.

    Most recently added is the Concept Note for industrial bamboo in NW Vietnam and NE Laos - since the programme is starting to scale up. The Concept Note summarises PI's understanding of the industry, and sets out a clear rationale and priority actions for achieving measurable large-scale impact on poverty. It also provides evidence-based estimates of the scale and scope of expected impacts, as well as interim milestones against which to judge progress.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Market Assessment
    »The Prosperity Initiative (research), 2007-
    Impact Assessment
    »Poverty Reduction in the Industrial Bamboo Value Chain, Prosperity Initiative, 2009