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The Prosperity Initiative (research), 2007-

    Since 2004 a range of development, government and private sector partners in Indochina have been developing a new approach to target poverty through private sector development. A regional feasibility analysis of the bamboo sector linked to a number of local supply chain pilots in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia has demonstrated the potential for scaled poverty impacts in the region over the coming decade. This work has paved the way for a rapidly growing number of collaborations and donor support, and two key initiatives will be launched.

    Firstly a regional bamboo sector development project will create a platform of regional collaboration of dozens of agencies and businesses and will go to scale soon. The project will work with others to help grow the sector by supporting the development and market linkage of bamboo sector production, business, policies and programmes in the region.

    Secondly, they are taking the bamboo sector experience to assist governments and partners in the region to identify and develop other sectors which have the potential to impact poverty at scale. This work will build help skills and develop strategies for provinces and national governments, build up a rich network of businesses and investors, and help donors and public sector to prioritize development investments in market sector development.

    Some of the preparatory research has already been presented by John Marsh of OHK at the Annual Seminar in Chiang Mai in 2006, and at the SDC Seminar in January 2007; links to those two entries are included below. The report summarising the bamboo research is also posted on the right hand side; for more information, visit the programme design entry (link below) and/or their new website (link above); in particular, they are recruiting at present, and the site gives more information.

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