Programme Design

Financial Integration, Economic Strengthening & Broad-Based Dissemination (FIELD-Support), USAID 2006-10

    The Financial Integration, Economic Leveraging, Broad-Based Dissemination (FIELD-Support) Leader with Associates award (LWA) is designed to implement innovative, comprehensive, and integrated approaches to sustainable economic growth with poverty reduction. This includes building more inclusive financial systems, improving the competitiveness of industries in which micro and small enterprises participate, and enhancing the overall policy and regulatory environment to enable broad-based economic growth. FIELD-Support is also designed to respond to the economic security needs of special populations, such as families hurt by civil conflict and natural disaster, communities hit hard by HIV/AIDS and other health issues, as well as address the livelihood and enterprise needs of difficult-to-reach clientele such as the poor in remote rural areas, youth, women, refugees, and internally displaced persons.

    On the right hand side is a 2 page overview of the FIELD-Support program. Details of the activities being conducted under the FIELD-Support program are available on the website above.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Market Assessment
    »Assessment of the Commercial Private Sector for Health Care Products in Bangladesh, AFE USAID 2006