Programme Design

AusAID Enterprise Challenge Fund for the Pacific and South-East Asia, 2006-

    AusAID's recent White Paper calls for a renewed emphasis on growth and new partnerships with business to achieve poverty reduction goals.

    The Enterprise Challenge Fund (ECF) is an example of this, taking advantage of increasing corporate interest in commercial opportunities in low income markets, and realising opportunities for sustainable development that arise through a coincidence of interest between profit-making and poverty reduction.

    AusAID's ECF builds on previous experience with challenge funds and will pay particular attention to assessing the direct and indirect impacts of ECF projects, and to pro-actively realising opportunities for systemic changes in markets that enable pro-poor business that arise from ECF projects.

    For further details see the project document and request for tender document on the right; tenders close on 26 April and the ECF is expected to launch in mid-2007.