Programme Design

Enterprise for Pro-Poor Growth, ILO, Sri Lanka 2005-8

    Enterprise for Pro-poor Growth, or Enter-Growth for short, is a project of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), and the Ministry of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion. Its goal is to contribute to pro-poor economic growth and quality employment for women and men, through an integrated programme for development of micro and small enterprises that targets two provinces with a high incidence of poverty (North-West and North-Central); that addresses issues at the national level that will enhance impact in the provinces; and that transfers lessons learnt to the national policy level as well as other parts of the country.

    In the integrated programme in the provinces, the programme takes a participative and inclusive approach to planning and developing its specific interventions, to ensure a high degree of relevance and ownership. It focuses its work on selected sub-sectors with high potential for growth and poverty reduction. The primary entry point is expanding the access of micro and small enterprises to markets for their products and services. Here, the programme supports activities that lead to a more dynamic and effective market for business services that enable enterprises to improve their productivity, become more market-led, and develop linkages to new markets. This includes developing new, more demand-driven business services and the capacity to deliver them, including services embedded in value chains. It also includes promotion of the use of business services. Improved demand for services will also result from work on the project's second entry point, strengthening enterprise culture. This includes a social marketing campaign that promotes enterprise as a way out of poverty, and support to the introduction of business awareness training in vocational schools. Improving the local policy and regulatory environment forms the programme's third entry point. The programme promotes organisation of micro and small enterprises and builds the capacity of business associations to serve their members, moderates the development of a dialogue between micro and small enterprises and the authorities, supports specific policy and regulatory improvements, and strengthens the authorities' capacity to develop and maintain an enabling environment.

    At the national level, the programme builds on the achievements of the ILO Start and Improve Your Business project, with the objective of a fully sustainable programme that will continue to increase access to SIYB, Expand Your Business and related business services. In addition, commercial mass media programmes will be developed that provide small businesses with information and an opportunity to voice their concerns in a public forum. The experience gained through the programmes in the provinces will be shared with national level stakeholders and representatives from other provinces.

    The programme ensures that gender imbalances are addressed through each of its main components. It supports approaches and services that are likely to benefit women, selects sub-sectors which offer opportunities to women, and addresses gender bias among officials and service providers.

    Methods for info gathering
    In addition to the Programme Document from 2005, there is also a strategy document for media interventions in Sri Lanka included on the right hand side, written by Gavin Anderson in the same year. In the following year, AC Nielsen conducted a media scoping study, identifying the best media and programmes to target for the project, going forward. Also included to the right is the design of a strategy to promote enterprise culture in Sri Lanka, prepared by Karin Reinprecht and Nireka Weeratunge, also in 2006.

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