Market Development in Crisis-Affected Environments, SEEP AGM 2006

    At the Small Enterprise Education and Promotion annual conference in October, 2006, one workshop focused on market development in crisis-affected envrionments. These include both environments affected by natural disaster and by conflict. The cases and syntheses presented focused on the challenges of how to effectively develop markets in these challenging situations, and how to work with the relief community. The cases presented were:
    - CHF International in Colobmia
    - ARC in Sierra Leone
    - Practical Action in North Darfur (Sudan)
    In addition the SEEP Market Development Working Group presented a synthesis of their research on this topic which covered 13 different case studies. All of the presentations can be downloaded on the right hand side.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis Documents
    »Market Development in Crisis-Affected Environments, SEEP MDWG 2007 (English/French)
    »Tools for Economic Recovery in Post-Conflict Situations: A Brief Literature Review, USAID 2007