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Private Sector Development in Post Conflict and Peace Building Situations - Some Key Links and Documents (2008)

    The most recent addition to this page is the Review of experiences and publications in post-conflict PSD, by the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development - which can be downloaded via the link on the right hand side.

    Also recent, and being now being updated, is USAID's draft Guide to Economic Growth in Post-Conflict Countries; feedback is welcome, to Wade Channell.

    A direct link is provided above to the PSD part of the International Alert website on Conflict Sensitivity. The AGEG Consultants October 2006 newsletter on the right hand side provides information on many organizations, links, documents and learning opportunities related to private sector development in post-conflict and conflict settings. Some additional links:

    - Conference: Private Sector Development and Peacebuilding - Exploring Local and International Perspectives, Berlin, September 2006. Click here for conference proceedings, presentations and papers.

    - GTZ's webpage on conflict and the economy and another one on the Promotion of Economic Development and Employment in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments (PEECE)

    - The ILO's webpage on Crisis Response and Reconstruction

    - Local Business, Local Peace: the Peacebuilding Potential of the Domestic Private Sector This International Alert publication highlights the domestic private sector's often overlooked peace-building potential. It presents more than 20 case studies where private sector actors have taken proactive steps to address violent conflict in places as varied as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Guatemala, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Somalia and the South Caucasus. In addition, the publication highlights businesses' efforts to support formal peace processes; to address issues in the economic sphere; to build bridges between divided communities and groups; to alleviate security concerns; as well as the special role of women entrepreneurs. Note that the link above leads to several IA publications relevant to this theme.

    Summary of results
    The following Papers are also posted on the right hand side:

    - Private Sector Development in Reintegration and Reconstruction Programmes, MacDonald (GTZ), 2006: This Paper develops a framework for private sector promotion in post-conflict environments. In order to develop the framework, the paper investigates the evidence linking economic development and conflict, examines private sector development tools used also in non-conflict circumstances, and finally presents a brief survey on current approaches to emergency aid, reconstruction and reintegration programmes.

    - Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Elements of PSD/SED Programmes, Mierke (GTZ), 2006: This Paper examines the potential that SED/PSD interventions have in contributing to conflict prevention and peace building. The paper is based on desk research, discussions with practitioners and three case studies. Practical experiences extracted from case studies and other reports illustrate the findings. The Annex provides details on the case studies of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Kosovo and Afghanistan.

    - Strengthening Employment in Response to Crisis, ILO, 2006: This Paper analyzes and synthesises the findings of the ILO-HEI research programme on 'Strengthening Employment in Response to Conflicts and Natural
    Disasters',emphasising concrete recommendations and guidelines for international action to respond to the employment and related socio-economic challenges of crises worldwide.

    - Africa's Recovery from Conflict - Making Peace Work for the Poor, Tony Addison, UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research, 2003: This publication is a policy-focused summary of the UNU/WIDER book From Conflict to Recovery in Africa (Oxford University Press 2003)

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis Documents
    »SEEP On-Line BDS and Conflict Discussion Synthesis, McVay, 2004
    »Microenterprise in Post-conflict Environments e-conference, February 16-18, 2005
    »Market Development in Crisis-Affected Environments, SEEP MDWG 2007 (English/French)
    »Tools for Economic Recovery in Post-Conflict Situations: A Brief Literature Review, USAID 2007
    »Private Sector Development in Post-Conflict Countries: A Review of Current Literature and Practice, DCED 2009