Programme Design

Agricultural Sector Program Support, Mozambique, DANIDA 2006

    The aim of the 5-year, $55 million DANIDA-funded and Ministry of Agriculture-implemented Agricultural Sector Program Support initiative is to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers and their families. The program takes a holist approach, and will support the government national agricultural program (PROAGRI), rural road development, and the private sector. Funds for the private sector component, $16 million, will support coordination and strategy development, agricultural association development, rural finance and value chain (agri-business) development.

    The goal of the value chain development initiative is to improve the position of smallholders in value chains by increasing transparency of markets and market relations, documenting and addressing business environment constraints, and building the capacity of SEs. The program will establish agricultural promotion centers that will work with key stakeholders to create economic maps of target areas, and choose and develop a number of value chains. The specific value chains, services, and strategies will be identified during program implementation.

    The document (right) provides excerpts from the program proposal and related documents specifically related to the Value Chain Development aspect of the program.