The Thai German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness, GTZ 2004-2012

    The Thai German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness aims to influence the competitiveness of SMEs in selected agro-enterprise sub-sectors or value chains by sustainably increasing their access to business, financial and eco-efficiency services. The Programme has two components (one for business and financial services, and another one for eco-efficiency services) and under these components there are projects and interventions. While the core "thrust" of the Programme is to help SMEs, the Programme and its partners realize that SMEs can often best be served indirectly through lead firms, business associations, private and public providers of business, financial and eco-efficiency services and through improvements in the general policy environment in which SMEs operate. For this reason the Programme works with a wide range of intermediaries or facilitators and service providers.

    This entry includes the following documents:
    - Business and Financial Services Component Status Report, April 2006
    - Eco-Efficiency Component Status Report, April 2006
    - Palm Oil Strategy, March 2006
    - Certification Strategy, April 2006
    - Longan Strategy, March 2006
    - Organic Agribusiness: A Status Quo Report for Thailand 2007
    - Energy and Eco-Efficiency in Agro-Industry Fact Sheet
    - TG-PEC 1st newsletter, April-June, 2007
    - TG-PEC 2nd newsletter, July-September, 2007
    - TG-PEC 3rd newsletter, October-December, 2007

    The most recent addition is the 5th Newsletter.

    More information is available on the overall project website above and on another project website dedicated specifically to the eco-efficiency component.

    More documents will be posted as they become available.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Impact Assessment
    »The Thai German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness - Impact, GTZ 2005-6