Building a Competitive Coffee Industry in Tanzania, TechnoServe, 2006

    Over the past eight years, TechnoServe helped the coffee industry stakeholders in Tanzania to develop and implement a plan to transform Tanzania into one of the world's premium specialty-coffee producing nations. Targeting the entire supply chain, TechnoServe created a unique 'farmer business group' model that helps small-scale growers improve quality, obtain financing, establish contracts with overseas buyers, and ultimately increase profits. TechnoServe also helped establish a farmer-owned trade association and encouraged government policy reform to lower farm-gate taxation and authorize premium coffee producers to sell directly to foreign buyers.

    On the right are:
    - a brief summary of the project
    - a 2005 press release on the project
    - a case study written for the May 2006 "Aid for Trade" conference. This paper summarizes the case and then provides recommendations to the conference participants based on the lessons learned from the project.