Public Private Partnerships (PPP), GTZ, Viet Nam, 2006

    GTZ is using a public private partnership strategy to help improve the competitiveness of various value chains in Vietnam.

    GTZ has engaged private sector companies and the government to help improve the competitiveness of the pangasius (cat fish) value chain in An Giang province, Viet Nam and raise incomes for small pangasius farmers. A series of interventions has promoted production and export of organic pangasius. GTZ's strategies - all implemented in partnership with private sector companies - have included:
    - promotion of organic pangasius production
    - promotion of local organic agricultural products for the feed supply chain
    - promotion of organic inputs for rice farming
    - improving product quality and safety in the pangasius value chain
    - certification of farmers to increase exports.

    GTZ is also using this strategy in the coffee and lychee sectors. Reports on all three sectors are on the right hand side.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    »Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in BDS Market Development, GTZ, Vietnam, Finkel, 2003-5