Programme Design

Pro-Poor Agricultural Development in Northern Tajikistan, MEDA 2003-08

    MEDA's goal is to alleviate poverty of farm families in the northern oblast of Sogd through the development of the fruit and vegetable subsector. Northern Tajikistan has been known historically for the magnificent fruits and vegetables of the Ferghana Valley, and this provides a rich opportunity for effective agricultural programming.

    At a primary level of intervention, MEDA will design and implement programmes that assist underserved smallholder farmers in their adaptation to and growth in a market economy. The program will benefit thousands of rural families, by: i) providing access to traditional and new knowledge; ii) supporting the adoption of up-to-date technologies, improved inputs and better services; and iii) strengthening farmers' ability to work co-operatively and take collective action. This will be achieved through technical assistance including extension services, introduction to the latest advances in technology such as affordable microirrigation, the establishment of viable rural credit programs, and the organization of farmers into associations that represent their needs in the new economic and political environment. At a secondary level of intervention, MEDA will advance the creation and growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that process and market the agricultural output of Sogd's rural population, filling a current gap in the value chain. Main activities at this level will include: business development (including market access and linkages), technical assistance and technology transfer, association formation, and finance. MEDA has identified local partners with whom to work to ensure sustainable long-term development at both levels of intervention.

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