Linking Farmers to Markets through Contract Farming, Viet Nam, M4P (ADB, DFID) 2005

    In January 2005, the ADB-DFID-ADBI Making Markets Work Better for the Poor (M4P) Project and An Giang University jointly supported a workshop in Long Xuyen in An Giang Province to share experiences and discuss Contract Farming in Viet Nam. The workshop brought together national and international researchers, policy makers, civil society representatives, businesses, and farmers to share experiences and ideas related to contract farming in Vietnam and to discuss ways to further strengthen the rapidly developing contract farming systems in Viet Nam. This volume contains a number of the presentations
    made at the workshop and a summary of the group discussions undertaken at the workshop.

    Dr. Dao The Anh and Dr. Vu Trong Binh from the Agriculture System Department of the Viet Nam Agriculture Science Institute discuss practical examples of the development of agricultural production contracts and the effects of cooperative action on the livelihoods of the poor, based on experience gained in projects in Northern Viet Nam.

    Dr. Nguyen Tri Khiem from the Economics and Business Administration Department of An Giang University discusses examples of the development of agriculture contracts in An Giang province, including case studies of agricultural contracts for rice, fish, and cabbage. The case studies highlight elements of the contract process including the legal framework of the contract, its contents, and arrangements for management,and implementation of the contracts.

    Martha Roberts and Nguyen Tri Khiem from An Giang University present an analysis of the linkages between product quality level and contract fulfillment, using the example of rice production in An Giang province. The
    paper highlights the fact that contract farming has a higher chance of success when products are more specialized and of higher quality level.

    Le Van Tam, Chairman of the Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock Company, presents an interesting overview and discussion of the challenges and methods for achieving successful cooperation with farmers and farmer groups. The discussion is based on the successful experience of the development of the Lam Son Sugar Company in Thanh Hoa Province and its transformation into a joint stock company.

    Nguyen Van Dam, Director of the Hoa Thuan Cooperative in An Giang Province, presents some of the achievements of the Hoa Thuan Cooperative and outlines the lessons learned in the process of developing cooperative through contract farming. Finally, the proceedings volume concludes with a summary of the
    results of group discussion among the participants.

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