Impact Assessment

GTZ website: Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, 2005

    GTZ has launched an inter-agency knowledge database; its theme, "Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation", is not exclusively related to SED, but is very relevant to it. The website provides recent news and best practices from GTZ and other development agencies and research institutions. Its core is a comprehensive database with approx. 250 online documents covering various aspects, including:

    · Concepts, Key Terms, Approaches
    · Tools & Methods
    · (Results-Based) Monitoring by Technical Field
    · Selected GTZ-Experiences

    The website has two levels of access. While non-GTZ staff members can access only documents and further information which are open to the public, GTZ-staff members have access to internal GTZ-documents as well.

    Under News you find the entries of the last 30 days.
    Best Practices were compiled by the GTZ-Pilot Project Result-Based Monitoring and Assets for Asia.
    Library is the core of this website. It is one of the most comprehensive internet libraries on Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation presently online.
    Links helps you to browse to other related internet resources.