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Calls for Papers / Participation, Enterprise Development and Microfinance journal, 2011

    This entry contains calls for papers and participation in conferences on market development, BDS, small enterprise development, service market development, value chain development and related fields. More calls are welcome.

    The Enterprise Development and Microfinance Journal (EDM) welcomes articles or ideas for articles relevant to the main themes of the journal. The editor is happy to discuss ideas for publication via email. Submissions or ideas should be sent to the editor, Clare Tawney, at the contact above. The journal accepts in-depth articles on current research, reports of significant developments in the field, comparative studies or detailed reports of field projects, shorter articles on particular programs and letters, rejoinders, reviews and news items. The themes for the 2011/2012 editions are:

    June 2011: Savings revisited (submission deadline: 1 February)
    September 2011: What's new in VC/ Market Development (submission deadline: 1 May)
    December 2011: Investing in microfinance institutions (submission deadline: 1 July)
    March 2012: Urban value chains (submission deadline: 1 November 2011)

    For more information on these themes, see the document at the bottom of this page.