Impact Assessment

Non-timber Forest Products Marketing and Production Services (BDS-MaPS) Performance Measurement, IDE Nepal (2003-6)

    The IDE Consortium (Winrock, ANSAB, Lotus Opportunities, and the World Wildlife Fund) is supporting the production and marketing of herbs and spices in Western Nepal with a focus on strengthening private sector service providers (input/ output traders and others.) The project targets the landless and smallholders (.5 ha or less) and includes minority communities not usually included in agriculture development efforts.

    Interventions include facilitating the development of national & international market links, lab testing facilities, quality standards, and group formation; establishment of processing plants; and promotion of sustainable harvesting and cultivation of commercially viable NTFPs. The project also advocates for the formulation of a preferential policy on clear definitions of NTFP processing and a rational regulatory framework for collection, production, and trade.

    The attached paper outlines IDE's performance measurement plan. The project goal is to improve household income of 22,000 families by US$125 per year from the production and sale of NTFP and high value agriculture products. To achieve the overall goal, BDS MaPS has set five outputs in terms of 1) Upgrading MSE system in the project area 2) Strengthening BDS providers' network 3) Strengthening market information system 4) Influencing the royalty and taxation policy and 5) Supporting the establishment of a certified Phytochemical Analysis Laboratory in the country. The document outlines IDE's expected outputs from the project, indicators and monitoring and evaluation methods.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Market Assessment
    »BDS-MaPS Analysis of Non Timber Forest Products in Nepal, March 2004
    Programme Design
    »Non-timber Forest Products Marketing and Production Services (BDS-MaPS), IDE Nepal 2003-2006
    »Non-timber Forest Products Marketing and Production Services (BDS-MaPS), IDE Nepal, 2003-2006
    Synthesis Documents
    »IDE PRISM Guidelines and Manual - Linking rural poor to markets & irrigation technology, 2005