Programme Design

Non-timber Forest Products Marketing and Production Services (BDS-MaPS), IDE Nepal 2003-2006

    The international market for non-timber forest products (NTFPs) is growing rapidly. Not only is Nepal home to a wide variety of native NTFPs, its unique climatic conditions make it possible to cultivate a large number of such products. The vast majority of people involved in the gathering or production of NTFPs are poor, smallholder farmers.

    Nepal's NTFP sector is characterized by poor quality control, little domestic value addition, risks to the environment, and poor integration along the value chain. It is within this environment of abundant opportunities combined with multiple constraints that BDS-MaPS is applying a market development approach to benefit the producers, gatherers, and enterprises involved in the trade and processing of NTFPs.

    The IDE Consortium (Winrock, ANSAB, Lotus Opportunities, and the World Wildlife Fund) is supporting the production and marketing of herbs and spices with a focus on strengthening private sector service providers (input/ output traders and others.) The project targets the landless and smallholders (.5 ha or less) and includes minority communities not usually included in agriculture development efforts.

    Interventions include facilitating the development of national & international market links, lab testing facilities, quality standards, and group formation; establishment of processing plants; and promotion of sustainable harvesting and cultivation of commercially viable NTFPs. The project also advocates for the formulation of a preferential policy on clear definitions of NTFP processing and a rational regulatory framework for collection, production, and trade.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Market Assessment
    »BDS-MaPS Analysis of Non Timber Forest Products in Nepal, March 2004
    »Non-timber Forest Products Marketing and Production Services (BDS-MaPS), IDE Nepal, 2003-2006
    Impact Assessment
    »Non-timber Forest Products Marketing and Production Services (BDS-MaPS) Performance Measurement, IDE Nepal (2003-6)
    Synthesis Documents
    »IDE PRISM Guidelines and Manual - Linking rural poor to markets & irrigation technology, 2005