BDS Market, Leather Sub-sector, India, EDA Rural Systems, 2004

    The interventions described in this report are pilot efforts to develop the BDS market for the leather sub-sector in Rajasthan, India. The interventions aim to help low-income artisans involved in making leather footwear and other leather goods obtain customized business services to increase their incomes and ensure growth of their microenterprises.

    Initially, the project focused on three services and EDA added a fourth in response to demand from both the artisans and the marketing service providers. The four services are:
    1. Training and technical assistance,
    2. Market links and information,
    3. Technical support for better designs and new products, and
    4. Assistance with compliance and tax issues.

    In the pilot phase, the project is helping build the capacity of 3 training and TA service providers to offer flexible products and to promote their services both through EDA and on their own. Depending upon their ability to pay, artisans now have access to training services that include new designs, market information, and help with exhibitions and fairs, and that last anywhere from 3 days to two months.

    In addition, EDA works with 10 market links and information providers to better promote their services and enhance their ability to deal with wholesalers and exporters. EDA also identified shoe mold manufacturers and design firms to work with the artisans on new designs and products as well as a provider willing to provide guidance on tax issues.

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